Exclusive: “LvL Up” With Omega Crimson’s New Video

We’ve had the opportunity to link up with another member of Florida’s own rising hip-hop group Cap 6 this time its Crimson the Orlando Native. Dwelling in the shadows of his latest visual, written and directed by creative Matt Mooney  of  1 of 1 Limited, Crimson delivers a lyrical onslaught that is nothing short of Gillette status. We have to mention the absolutely sinister production by Ethnikds, Crimson runs through the backstreets and alleys while most are fast asleep. If this is a dose of his forthcoming project “BORN“, set to drop this Fall, then the future is bright for the talented Mr. Crimson and we’re looking forward to it. In the mean time check out the exclusive interview, watch his video and tell us what you think.

TCT: How do you define success in the music industry?

I define success in the music industry as being able to maintain longevity or have longevity, while being consistent in putting out quality music. Quality is key.

TCT: What’s your favorite dish?

Haha.. Interesting question. Wack emcees.. Lol nah (but seriously) jerk chicken pasta.. It’s lit. Big ups to all my Jamaican fam.

Where’s your favorite place to write new music?

My favorite place to write is usually the studio. Anytime I go there.. The vibes around are always so creative and motivating (shout out to J. Cruz and Kelz of Ethnikids, they the big homies for real). It’s a pressure cooker for me too. I know I can’t write/record anything underwhelming in the lab around them dudes, which I believe helps me grow constantly as an artist, no doubt.Omega Crimson Body

What artists inspire you most?

Artists that have inspired me the most would have to be Bob Marley, Nas, and Kanye West.. Those three for sure. However dope I am as an artist is a DIRECT influence from those guys, legends for real.

If you could give your 10 year old self one piece of advice (your Conscious Tip) what would it be?

 If I could give my 10 year old self a “Conscious Tip” hmm.. No matter what the fuck life throws at you.. Always remember that you are a GAWD amongst men.. Greater than all opposition, and this will hold true forever.. Yeah, that’s word.