An Interview With Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie is often seem as brilliant, hard-working, talented, and a man of few words. His social media outlets such as Facebook and Twittter, are used primarily to announce his appearances, and new releases. I can say that as a fan, sometimes I just want to know  a little bit more about the guy. Recently, Hypetrak, got an opportunity to have a one-on-one chat with Mr. Leslie himself. We thought it was definitely worth sharing.

You are a creativity-driven artist. What initially inspired you for this rather unusual approach to create this album?
The idea basically stemmed from the album’s title, Les is More. Ryan Leslie is more than everyone has an experience as of yet. Maybe you have just experienced me in the studio as a producer or as an R&B artist. I am all of these things and more. Not only am I interested in expressing myself on a musical level but also visually. So it circles around a creative way of presentation of artistry and creativity on every level. This is what this project is really all about.

You are also working on a brand new website called RyanLeslie.com. What can the world expect from it? Will its launch be coupled with the album release?
The new website is still being constructed. It is set to mirror the applications that we are building for the handsets. Those will allow people to interact with the album. We hope to offer the applications on Christmas and we are shooting to offer the website in conjunction with that. You will be able to watch a number of different videos and a number of blogs that will be filled in. When it is fully complete, you will have the entire album available on your headset.


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