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MK Asante, Buck, Howard University
Author/Professor MK Asante Visits Howard University Memoir Class

Bestselling author, filmmaker and professor MK Asante recently stopped at Howard University to speak to visiting Prof. Patricia Elam’s memoir class. The Philly native talked about the story behind his highly acclaimed book, “Buck.” At one point, the four letter title he stuck with, didn’t at first seem like a good fit. “When you come up with titles, you’re gonna come up with a lot of wack titles at first…One day I called my mom out the blue. I said mom, ‘Buck.’ And she said, that’s it? But she cosigned the title.” The students reflect on his interview on The Breakfast Club, and share there thoughts on how his stories have not only inspired them, but how he had the courage to keep going.

“Who knew that you could overcome the struggle?”– Howard student, shares her poem tailored specifically to MK Asante as an introduction to his visit. Professor Patricia Elam, shares how she used Asante’s book to connect deeper with her son who she didn’t have a strong connection with at the moment. “It really changed our relationship I would say. We were able to open up and talk about some things we hadn’t.” As a personal fan of Buck myself, I share a similar appreciation with the Howard students in the video for MK Asante’s candidness. “I didn’t say one of the Buck’s that’s really related to writing a memoir. Which is buck naked.” When you write a memoir, you’re just naked in front of everybody…everybody can see everything….but now I see vulnerability as this incredible super power.” MK Asante’s work has connected with readers of all kind: cats from the hood who might not normally read, to first-generation college students looking for a way to overcome their struggle. Watch his visit to Howard University below. Buck is available for sale here.