Conscious Trip: Buku Fest 2015

This past weekend we had the pleasure of  embarking on our latest Conscious Trip, attending the 4th annual Buku Music and Arts Project in New Orleans. The event was completely sold out, with approximately 14,000 people in attendance. Buku, in my opinion is the perfect combination of a genuine music festival with a legit lineup, minus all the waiting in line for different shows at perhaps a SXSW. Add that with great food options, live art, and some of the craziest outfits you’ve ever seen, and you’ve got yourself a great weekend. The festival featured the likes of Run The Jewels, Asap Rocky, Pell, Lil B, Ghostface Killah and Badbadnotgood, Empire of The Sun TV On The Radio and Die Antwoord and many others.

Although I’ve been a fan for years, it was the first time I’ve ever seen Ghostface Killah live. He was already dope, but his performance alongside BadBadNotGood really took it up a notch. Lil B made his first performance in New Orleans, and perhaps might’ve been so excited that he forgot to zip his zipper. Still, nonetheless he put on an exciting show. It was also my first time seeing A$AP Rocky perform. I was surprised at how humbled he remained as he thanked the crowd for coming out to see him, and kindly asking them for their participation. Something I wasn’t used to see from many Hip Hop artists of his stature. Before all that happened however, I was introduced to a New Orleans based rap group named Pell. To be completely honest,  I knew nothing about them, and mistakenly thought they were a rock band at first, but they were actually extremely talented. TV On The Radio also put on an awesome show, so did Passion Pit (who I’ve been a big fan of for years), but stage presence definitely went to Die Antwoord. Die Antwoord is a South-African rap-rave group, comprised of Ninja and Yolanda Visser. Fun fact: Visser, co-stars in a new movie called Chappie, a new film about armor-plated attack robots. The group’s music is highly associated with what is known as the zef culture, a representation of South Africa closely associated with primarily a white-middle lower class. Although there is some controversy about the group’s close association with the South African culture, Ninja of Die Antwoord argues that “racism is somewhat obsolete and a thing of the past for South Africans.” Regardless of where you stand on that aspect, they definitely demanded a strong presence. Check out the photos from the show, and we hope to check out the festival again next year in 2016.


All photos by Mike Orie for