Conscious Trip: Lupe Fiasco, The Boy Illinois Perform at Fonda Theatre

On the evening of the 30th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, hip hop artist Lupe Fiascoalongside The Boy Illinois stopped in Los Angeles for a performance at the Fonda Theatre. Although an opener for Lupe, The Boy Illinois worked the crowd on-stage introducing new tracks and using his set to engage with fans directly via Twitter and Instagram. In his hand-made two piece suit, custom-made from a fan/friend standing in the crowd, he gave a special shoutout to the designer, followed by a momentarily tribute honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His latest project Dusable was named after the founder of Chicago, which he also mentioned was a proud moment being half-Haitin. But before the show ever got too serious, the Eastside Chicago native would continuously work the crowd, at one point having the whole venue lit up with cellphones.

Conscious Trip: Lupe Fiasco Fans


Enter Lupe Fiasco. Casual, cool, calm and collected as always. Although a “Tour For The Fans,” Lupe expressed to his LA crowd in a heartfelt way that the show almost didn’t happen, and that this stopped was added last minute. He quickly thanked fans for their support on such short notice. He would go on to perform some of my old school favorites such as Hip Hop Saved My Life, Kick Push, DayDreamer, Touch The Sky (the track Kanye introduced him to the world on) and several others. But i’m a big Lupe fan dating back to 2006, and I always hope to hear him perform my favorite of all time, “He Say She Say.” Tonight, I was disappointed and reverted back to my Tidal subscription as soon as I left the show. He did, however, open the show with “Mural,” which is basically 8 1/2 minutes of bars, some going over fans heads, and others stopping them dead in their tracks. Contrary to the photo posted above, at one point, he stopped the show and asked his fans to put their phones down. “I came here to see you, not to see you watching me.” If this wasn’t enough to keep the already geeked fans on their toes, he brought out surprise guest Ty Dolla $ign for a quick performance. I’ve seen Lupe perform about 5 times now, and each time gets even better. Tonight was no different as I documented our latest edition of Conscious Trip.