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Exclusive: PJ Morton Talks About Experience at Morehouse, New Album

PJ Morton is charismatic to say the least. After putting on an amazing show in New Orleans for his home crowd, he signed autographs and took photos with all of his fans. His music has definitely been influenced by his church upbringing, but he has since then crafted his own style. New Orleans, like many of its other successful artists, has definitely remained close to his heart, despite having to leave. In 2013, he dedicated a whole album to the city and the inspiration it brought him as an artist. But during the show…we were in for a treat. The introduction of his new project, Live Show Killer, which he describes as  church in the club, would take place tonight.

After the show….after the autographs, and just a few short hours before his 5am flight, we sat down for a brief interview with him. We discussed how he got into music, the impact New Orleans had on him, and why there was no other option but to attend Morehouse. Watch the full interview below.

“If you weren’t playing jazz music, or apart of No Limit rapping…there wasn’t really an outlet. There was no music industry here. What New Orleans definitely gives you is the performance, and the integrity of music.” 

“You’re just with a bunch of likeminded people who are goal oriented and have this drive and are smart and they want to conquer the world. And it’s good to be around this supportive environment, cause the world is not like that.”