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Exclusive: Rob Ohtis Turns Music Into “A Beautiful Tragedy”
It’s about 8pm EST, and we’re gearing up for a last minute photo shoot with Rob Ohtis. If you’re not familiar with the Florida native, and member of lyricist collective Capital 6, you soon will be. The group of six artists, met at FAMU, where Ohtis attended, but didn’t graduate as music started to push to the forefront of his life. We had a candid conversation with him below, the night before the release of his new single “Down” produced by Vintage Tux featuring Springtime. Peep the interview below and press play at the bottom.
TCT: – Where are you from and how has that helped shape you?
Rob Ohtis: Originally, I’m from the planet Jupiter, but I was raised in Jacksonville, Fl in an area that was both a house of sand as well as a house of cards. I remember noticing numbers and shapes in everything that I saw. That definitely influences my music. With Jacksonville being the largest city land-wise, there were plenty of diverse people everywhere you went so it was sort of a cultural melting pot.
TCT: – You’ve become quite popular for your eccentric outfits what inspires your style? 
Rob Ohtis: I’VE BECOME POPULAR?! Haha but my style has always been my own, I’ve always just seen clothes as a way of expressing yourself. So many different visual representations of yourself it’s just fun to see what you can come up with ya’know? Lately, I’ve been focusing on texture, the actual feel of the garment-to-body aspect. Dark color patterns and oddly shaped hats is a wave I’m creating right now.
TCT: Out of these three women who would you Marry? Fuck? Kill? Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian
Rob Ohtis: This question lowkey tells a lot about a person haha but I would Kill Kim K, screw Bey, and Marry O. Weezy for about 2 years, give her good dick then take it away from her which will make her go seek it from someone else, at this point I would have hired a friend to seduce her right when she starts feigning. I would catch her in the act, file for a divorce and walk away with a small fortune.
Rob Ohtis, Capital 6, Cap 6, A Beautiful Tragedy
TCT: What album do you have on heavy rotation right now?
Rob Ohtis: I have two albums on rotation at the moment. The Life of Pablo by Kanye West and Malibu by Anderson Paak. If these two guys did an EP together it would be pretty cool.
TCT:Who are you voting for this upcoming election?
Rob Ohtis: Well I for one believe America has a lot of growing to do before it deserves my vote. I honestly do believe in voting, our ancestors died for it and often times than not we take it for granted. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll vote for whoever fixes the water crisis in Flint. #JusticeForFlint.
TCT:If you could give your 10 year old self one piece of advice (your Conscious Tip) what would it be?
Rob Ohtis: Use the word NO more often.