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Exclusive: The Elle Blends 90’s R&B And Soul On “Soul Art Music”

In her first full length project, The ELLE fuses 90s R&B, Soul & Indie sounds to tell a story about a journey through womanhood exploring themes of pain, love & redemption. Featuring verses from Chicago rappers Keith Harris of the band Pocket Radio and Nique as well as production from the likes of Keith Virgo, RoksCnghm, Jacob Gamboa, Ava Zandieh and more, Soul Art Music is a colorful canvas of varying sounds and experiences.


“The Elle’s 90’s inspired ‘Soul Art Music’ teleports old moments to happier places we can all look forward to.”

The Minneapolis native has crossed paths in Chicago, but now calls Brooklyn home. 90’s music is no doubt her inspiration as its portrayed in her fashion, music and influences. The opening track, “Go On” tastefully chops up and samples 1993 classic, “Hey Mr. DJ” by Zhane. It sets the standard high for true 90’s heads. Her song, “The Other Side” speaks on love…taking it one step at a time. “I was lost, but I took it one step at a time.” You instantly her inspiration from the late, great Amy Winehouse. The closing track “Fly” tells the story of a childhood in Minneapolis full of doubts. “Remember sleeping on my auntie’s couch.//Living back and forth going house to house.// What am I here for?// I’m just 16 years at war.”  Fortunate for her, she was not only able to make it through, but tell an inspirational story for those going through the same thing. You can stream The Elle’s debut project below, and download it here.

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