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First Look: Don Cheadle Plays Miles Davis In “Miles Ahead”

It was 2006 when the idea first surfaced of Don Cheadle playing Miles Davis, according to a cousin of Davis. Cheadle, Take a first look at Miles Davis. Cheadle has gained an impressive resume through his appearances in films ranging from Avengers to Iron Man 3, but in my opinion, his most notable performance to date is Hotel Rwanda. It’s the film that many might refer to when they envision his ability to play the character of Miles Davis. While we’ve only seen a very few small snippets of Cheadle playing the trumpet, the first official trailer of  “Miles Ahead” has surfaced. The film, which is no ordinary biopic is expected to be an exploration of the life and music of Davis. What makes the picture different than an ordinary biopic, is that according to Indiewire, “a story that takes place over the course of 2 days, in 1979, before Davis would begin his comeback.” While the film highlights this particular segment of Davis life, it is said to also said to integrate flashbacks or the “B-Story” according to Cheadle in which it highlights integral moments from Davis’ past life. In the trailer, Cheadle re-enacts Davis’, aggressive and dominate character in a powerful enough scene to keep viewers wanting more. The film debuted in 2015 at the New York Film Festival and will arrive in theaters on April 1, 2016.


Source: Entertainment Weekly