How Do We Construct Race: What Is Black In the 21st Century

There seems to be the notion that we’re currently living in a post-racial society. This perspective often comes from the more afforded, privileged individual…the individual who can often navigate through society without having to think about the challenges viewed of their race. Dr. Yaba Blay, Director of Africana Studies at Drexel University, joins Jesse Menendez and Kristian Eliz on the Music Vox to talk about the way we construct race through everyday interactions. As a part of the ongoing discussions Black History Month promotes, Dr. Blay, Kristian, and Jesse discuss how “black” is defined in “How Do We Construct Race: What Is Black In the 21st Century.”  How would you define the Black culture today? What are the first thoughts that come to mind, and how has your perception or opinion changed over time?

Now think about every-time you fill out an application an you have to check a box that identifies your “race” or helps to put you in a category so to speak. Ever stopped to ask yourself why you check that box? Dr. Blay makes an excellent point. “When people don’t fit into the box that we’ve become accustomed to, we become uncomfortable and we’re not sure how to relate to that person.-Dr. Blay”


Dr. Blay examines what is Black in her book (1)ne Drop: Shifting The Lens On Race. You can purchase the book here.