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Kehlani’s Suicide Attempt Reminds Us Celebrities Are Human

Last night, news broke about Kehlani’s apparent suicide attempt. False reports from a satire website initially reported her as dead, causing social media to go crazy wondering if it were true. Rumors caused fans to draw conclusions that it had something to do with a love triangle between Kyrie Irving, Kehlani and Party Next Door. But none of that really matters. What matters is that we, sometimes forget that celebrities are still human. In the world of social media, instant validation and high expectations, there’s often no room for you to be you.

The Oakland native is only 20 years old. She can’t legally buy her first drink yet, rent a car or do a ton of other things. If she were a college student, she’d most likely be a sophomore or junior. Think back to where you were at that phase in your life. Now, imagine the pressure that comes with this type of success at such a young age. Your whole life is being figured out on the main stage, except there’s only one take. I’ve read some of the comments on a few various blog sites and many of them were disheartening. People questioned why she would even get on social media to share her thoughts. They even described the suicide as an attempt for attention. Really? Because celebrities don’t have feelings right? Kehlani’s right though. We just don’t allow celebrities to be human. We don’t acknowledge their feelings unless it directly impacts us. We often expect more of them than we expect from ourselves. Her songs may help people get through their lives, but who helps her? If the first thing you thought about was her relationship, you’re probably guilty of victim blaming. If your initial reaction wasn’t “is she okay?” or “I’m glad she’s okay!” ask yourself why. Are you expecting super human powers? Because this isn’t a Marvel or DC character. She’s real just like you and I, and it’s important we treat the people we have access to the every move of with more care. Kehlani deleted all her social media shortly after posting the photo below. But who can blame her. At some point though, we have to have these conversations and stop shaming celebrities for their challenges. Many of us wouldn’t survive a day in their shoes. So why tell them how to walk in them?

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