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Meet The Black Woman Who Founded Alchomy, A Drink Recipe & Bar Locator App

In 2015, 29-year old tech publicist Amanda Spann had an idea that would change the game of how people sought out options for drinking and indulging in spirits. She would launch, Alchomy, an app designed for drink recipes and a geo-tagged bar locater. With a tagline, ‘Where Great Spirits Meet,’ Alchomy to date has over 16,000 drink recipes. It’s also very easy to use if you’re looking for a place to gather with friends to have some drinks, whether you’re at home or in London or Miami for the weekend. Spann describes the app as your cocktail concierge. “So whether you’re staying in on a Tuesday night…we have over 16,000 drink recipes you can choose from. We have a user-generated community where we have bartenders curating original recipes from all over the world.” While African American women make up a very minute percentage of women in tech, Spann has never seen that as a factor of whether or not she can be successful. The Jacksonville native/current Chicago resident sat down with us at Mr. Brown’s Lounge in Chicago for her first ever video interview in our latest episode of Conscious TV. We discuss transitioning from a publicist to running a tech company, fears of starting the business and how she teamed up with three other African Americans,Jonathan Pierre, Sheena Allen and Chris Davis to help create Alchomy. Alchomy is currently available now for iPhone users and has plans soon to expand it’s product to Android users.

You can download Alchomy for iPhone here.

Drinks and location were provided by Mr. Brown’s Lounge. For more information, check out their daily happy hour specials here.