Street Beautification by Adrian O. Walker

Adrian “Octavius” Walker is a St. Louis-based music, lifestyle and urban photographer. Almost a year ago, he quit his job to pursue his passion full-time, where he was selected to serve as assistant manager/photographer for MMG artist Stalley on tour. He hasn’t slowed down a bit since then. Some of his work has been shared on Instagram by the likes of Big Boi, Stalley and several others, and he’s starting to make a name for himself. But while he’s making a name for himself in concert photography, he’s also been quietly working on his own exhibit, Street Beautification.

Street Beautification is an exhibition of photography by Adrian O. Walker, featuring images of street art from the city of St. Louis. Using both film and digital formats, he creates new experiences through his photography by connecting his audience to the beauty of everyday life that they may often overlook. This past weekend was the opening of the event which featured the likes of DJ Nappy Needles and others. Over 500 attendees showed up to the World Chess Hall of Fame for the kick off of this exhibition. Timothy Moore of TMoore Media was able to capture the opening exhibition.  Street Beautification will be on display at World Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis until November 23, 2014. View it here below.

Street Beautification from Timothy J. Moore on Vimeo.