TRIFECTA: Powered by Silent Storm [RECAP]

Trifecta Tally Festival Was So loud, No One Could Hear It

Trifecta Tally Silent Disco

A multi festival event of different musical genres so loud, no one in Tallahassee heard it happening at Grassland Brewery, Warhorse Whiskey Bar or Gaines Street Pies January 28th, 2017. Trifecta Tally lasted from 9pm to 1am with Tallahassee’s very own silent disco powered by Silent Storm. Gaines Street Pies and Warhorse Whisky Bar provided food and drink specials; and a generous discount was given for craft beverages provided by Grasslands Brewery for participators with Silent Storm headphones.

Trifecta Tally featured some of Tallahassee foremost entertainment DJs: DJ Super Zoe, DJ NyQuil, and DJ Black Tarzan, with genres ranging from Hip-hop/R&B to EDM/Techno. This first part event series brought together different cultures of individuals through their musical influences, reminding attendees we are not too different, providing a solution to the tension built up over 2016. Trifecta Tally aims to innovate concerts, festivals and artist showcases; that bring together businesses and young professionals to display the community at its best.

Now get ready, Trifecta Tally and DJ Super Zoe have collaborated to host a Silent Caribbean/ World Festival March 2nd 2017 called Nocturnal. Located at Grassland Brewery and Gaines Street Pies at the Garages On Gaines, 603 W Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL, 32304. You can RSVP your headphones and tickets at Do not miss out on your silent experience!

Words by Jeremy Latimore