What A Time To Be Online, Marcus Troy, Naskedimi
What A Time To Be Online: The Importance Of Influence

Marketing influencers Marcus Troy and twin brother Naskademini have really transformed the digital space over the past few years. Recently, they launched the podcast, What A Time To Be Online a space to talk about their work and all things current in their space. In the last episode, they sat down with legendary photographer, Chi Modu who’s known for his work with 2Pac, Biggie and others. In this episode, the duo speaks on the importance of influence and what it means to have an impact in the blog space. The two also touch on influencing, what it really means and what a brand’s responsibility is in being influential. “The real world is just as important as the digital world”, says Troy.

Marcus Troy, is known for his work with brands Cadillac and Veuve Clicqout. Once known as a blogger, he now uses platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat to show his behind the scenes work, his ever popular Kicks On A Plane, and Living Conditions, highlighting his hotels in different cities. On the podcast, he shares personal stories on attending high profile events in LA and working with the likes of Kelly Rowland and the awkward story of how he met Halle Berry. Whether these consider themselves to be or not, they are undoubtedly influencers who are impacting our culture.

In the ever evolving digital era, Instagram followers can, but doesn’t always transfer into face to face revenue. It often provides the false ideology that more followers equals more influence. These two are some of the few that have mastered this skill set in an authentic way. It causes Naskademini to raise an important point on why it’s important for influencers to connect face to face. “If Instagram shuts off tomorrow, you still have a mark on this earth. Something that you’ve done that people can point to. If we all lose the internet, you actually have something tangible you can look at.” Listen to the in-depth episode of What A Time To Be Online below and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here.